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SEO service in Vietnam, Online storage service: domestic providers on the upper hand

The full download speeds (because the servers are located in Vietnam), the low service fees and simple payment methods, and the friendly interfaces are the biggest advantages of domestic data storage websites such as Megashare, Fshare, and 4share--over foreign service providers.

Cheap and simple payment method

The 2011 NetCitizens Vietnam report released by Cimigo, a market survey firm; has pointed out that entertainment services are the second most popular things which have been done by users, just after information collection. 60 percent of Internet users downloaded music and 23 percent downloaded films.

The number of people using the Internet to download music has increased by 15 percent over the last three years, while the number of people downloading films has increased by 6 percent in comparison with 2009.

Analysts believe that the high demand for downloading films and music, Vietnam proves to be the “fertile land” for storage websites like Fshare, Megashare, 4share, Mediafire, Megaupload to develop.

However, domestic service providers have to compete fiercely with foreign providers. The content sharing services of Mediafire or Megaupload have been penetrating to Vietnam for the last 5-6 years and they have certain amounts of users. Especially, Vietnamese people tend to prefer foreign services to domestic ones.

  [Website design in Ho Chi Minh - vietseo - 260]     According to Nguyen Van Khoa, Deputy General Director of FPT Telecom, which runs Fshare, the data storage website has advantages in comparison with the websites of service providers in order to successfully compete with “foreign products”.

For example, the website has the design and interface using Vietnamese language to serve Vietnamese

SEO Vietnam

Different from Facebook ads or Banner …, SEO is understood as an active marketing channel, in other words when the user types a keyword to search for it, they have already been in demand for products and services. As a result, the conversion rate(CVR) of the organic search channel are very high compared to other inactive advertising channels (Users may see the banner but it is not so sure whether they are looking for that product or service, consequently CTR is lower). In Vietnam, the percentage of people using Google to search for keywords account for more than 90%, so keywords and search volume data of Google is always the most accurate. In SEO, keyword planning plays a crucial role to the success or failure of the campaign, if the chosen keywords are too dif´Čücult, it will cost a lot of time and money to implement SEO, or in case the chosen keywords are searched by no one, it is impossible to create any business efficiency.

and offers higher download speed because the server is located in Vietnam, which is not influenced by the international connection speed.

Besides, Khoa said that Fshare cooperates with payment service providers in Vietnam in order to create favorable conditions for the payment. “To date, Fshare has had 1.6 million users mostly in Vietnam, and tens of thousands of users in non-Vietnam territories,” Khoa said.

However, he admitted that weak points have still existed with the website, due to the limited penetration level and the limited number of people who know the services.

Sharing the same view with Khoa, Nguyen Quang Chien, in charge of Megashare service of VDC Online, also said that the full speed, the capability to download up-to-10 GB files, the low charges and simple payment methods (users can pay through Internet Banking or MobiFone, VinaPhone cards) prove to be the biggest advantages of Vietnamese data storage websites in comparison with foreign services (megaupload,com, rapidshare,com, Mediafire,com…).

Just one year after making its debut, Megashare has attracted 500,000 users and has got good feedbacks from the community about the storage service and file sharing. This explains why the access is deniable at some moments due to the overly high number of visitors.

1-2 million users is the goal

When talking about the business strategy for the time to come, Fshare plans to integrate into some applied software portals of the big communities, such as Tinhte, GSM,vn, Dâu den Blackberry (Viet Hop – the main partner of RIM in Vietnam), Banbe,net social network, and carry out other cooperation plans, so as to allow the community, which has the demand for use, to connect easily. This can turn Fshare into the effective storage tool which can replace the familiar USB.

Khoa went on to say that Fshare hopes it can attract two million users by the end of the year, including 500,000 regular users.

Meanwhile, according to Chien, Megashare is cherishing the hope to become the biggest storage and content sharing service provider in Vietnam. “We hope to obtain one million users by the end of the year,” Chien said.

Gmail,vn users misled to Chinese website address

When accessing Gmail,vn, Vietnamese Internet users were so surprised when they were led to a website of Baidu, China’s biggest Internet service firm.

Instead of a Gmail box to appear on the screen, Vietnamese Internet users were led to a quite new address vn.hao123,com – a website directory service of Baidu.

A lot of readers called to editorial boards complaining that they could not access to gmail,vn, because when they typed the words, they were automatically driven to a service launched into the market by Chinese Baidu last June.

Dan tri newspaper has found out that the Gmail,vn domain name belongs to the Kien Cuong International Joint Stock Company, headquartered in Hanoi. The domain name was registered in 2006 and has expired since August 16.

However, though the domain name has expired, one would see that the domain name is still leading to the server owned by Kien Cuong Company (the Gmail,vn has the same IP address with the domain name of Kien Cuong company’s homepage).

As such, Dan tri has affirmed that the company is still holding the domain name. The latest

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of the domain name was reportedly made on August 18.

There is a noteworthy thing is that when accessing to the domain name Gmail,vn, instead of being led to the homepage of Hao123 service of Baidu, the domain name would indicate to the website with the link vn.hao123,com/tmvn.html. Internet users have made a wild guess that “tmvn” could be the abbreviation of “ten mien Vietnam” (Vietnamese domain names).

Therefore, it is very likely that Baidu holds the right to control the Gmail,vn domain name.

GenK has also cited domestic sources as saying if a process of transferring the ownership of Gmail,vn from Kien Cuong to Baidu is being carried out.

A member of HVA, considered the biggest security forum in Vietnam, said Hao123, the software to create the shortcut of the website on users’ desktops contains the risk of opening the backdoor allowing hackers to penetrate and hijack users’ computers.

Prior to that, a similar problem had also been found with TTPLayer, a music listening software of Baidu. The software piece allows interfering automatically into the users’ computers to install unwanted applications, containing the risks of opening the backdoor to hackers.

An executive of Kien Cuong Company, in the meeting with Dan tri reporters, admitted that Kien Cuong owns the domain name Gmail,vn. However, the company declined to make comments about the information about the domain name.

The name “Baidu” has become more popular to Vietnamese some months ago, when the Internet users’ community warned about the existence of a Chinese social network, which was believed to be a threat to